Management – Complete building management

Full Maintenance and Management of your property The benefits of managing your properties are numerous, you will not have to deal with daily activities since the only owner representative is the property manager. Rent paid by the tenant and reimbursed to the owner represents the budget for maintenance, property manager will instruct contractors to reach the site, prepare quotes and repair and all the technical and legal aspects will be spared. Maintaining the economic value of the property is important, so it is at the top of our concerns, in all phases of analysis, technical assessment and advice. But the tenant’s satisfaction is just as important. It is indispensable to the realization and acceptance of its responsibility for the maintenance of the leased premises.

Location: buildings, houses, furnished apartments, chalets and commercial facilities .

Optimization : Tenants search, development and first rental for owners and developers, we are committed to place your property in the best market conditions … Property inspections when the renting process is starting or ending.

I check solution : State of complete and specific inspections over the inventory. More detailed, the better. End of rental, a state of the input places can prove unambiguously what defects already existed. Vergo establish or represent you for the inspection of the object for all types of real estate objects. Dynamic and versatile, our management service also serves the interests of private and institutional clients. Your only intermediator is able to optimize the management at any point in your building. It should also ensure that it is as good tomorrow as it is today..

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By entrusting the management of your properties to Vergo, you commission a professional to take over your property and not only to perform the administrative tasks lease but also to supervise the maintenance and sanitation of buildings.

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Rental management office is to appoint a director of real estate for your company to forget all rental, administrative, legal, technical and financial procedures when renting and throughout the actual duration of the contract. In addition we also offer the insurance against unpaid rentals and assistance or full support for tenants and drafting the lease. Whether you are looking for offices, warehouses or premises for your business, Vergo is a real specialist in the area. Professional and responsive teams are at your disposal to answer all your questions and help you research, the sale or management of property assets of your company. • Rent of offices and commercial premises • Let us manage your office or your business premises

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The main activities of our Management Service :

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Technical management of buildings is to :

Establish maintenance contracts, monitoring and janitorial; assess the condition of the buildings, organize the renovation or conversion and follow the work assigned to the artisans; favor, in the spirit of sustainable development, the installation of appliances and fixtures with low energy consumption and the use of environmentally friendly building materials; organize periodic inspection of water facilities, lighting and heating; process claims, negotiate with insurers, bankers, building professionals; writing reports, settle disputes, negotiate amicable settlements; keep the accounts of buildings, paying bills (mortgage interest, taxes, insurance premiums, various works, etc.), calculate the yield and the benefit paid to the owner; administer condominiums (condominiums), calculating and allocating costs between the owners; see the inventory and recorded upon delivery of rental items.

Commercial property management is to :

Set rentals according to the local area, fillers, the situation of the building; publish ads (newspapers, websites) for apartments, offices and commercial spaces for rent; to visit the site and select the tenants; complete the formalities of inputs and outputs, establish contracts, terminate leases; announce the lowering or rising rents, mediate between tenants and landlords; control the collection of rents and charges as required demand; maintain regular contact with the owners meet their demands, advise; organize campaigns marketing or advertising to promote stewardship and increase customer