General contractor

We develop your vision: LEADING, MANAGING AND COORDINATING. Initiation, development and monitoring of a project are specialties of Vergo. WE GUARANTEE PRICES, DEADLINES AND QUALITY. The calculation of the costs of construction, planning and organization of building are in main focus. This is why we can engage on price, quality of the work and the date on which project will be delivered.

We develop and offer personalized advice service tailored to the needs of our Clients which covers all the steps from the market research, land acquisition, feasibility studies, design, marketing, construction to after sale service. Our Expertise is solicited every day in the costs of construction calculation , the planning and the organization of sites. This is why we guanrantee prices, quality of the work and the deadline on which it will be delivered.

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Main features : Earthworks, concrete works, masonries, electrical, sanitary and ventilation installations, interior design, facades etc. We are always looking to optimize construction. Our preliminary dialogue with designers directs your project to a realistic and cost-effective way path.

New constructions, Residential, Family, Hotels, Commercial structures.

With our methods of direction, the project is always under control ! We offer support for the sale or lease of built lots. For a successful real estate transaction, construction and marketing must go hand in hand. Sales and Management - work in synergy. The effectiveness of this collaboration allows us to guarantee the sale or lease of a project on the due date!

Travaux de rénovation Genève, Vaud, Fribourg, Neuchâtel et le Valais


False ceilings, natural stone, ceramic tiles, parquets, painting, kitchens, doors and windows etc. Our local business construction and renovation offers an assessment of your needs and encryption for your projects : 


Complete renovation of your : Building, house, apartment, hotel and commercial property The overall vision and activities of Vergo allow owners to make substantial savings by consolidating wisely some maintenance work while minimizing the number of interventions.

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